Loving And Being In Love

A Look Into The Difference Between Loving And Being In Love

Unequal Relationships

All relationships are built on love. But when there is an imbalance in the amount of love that is being shared, relationship issues can arise. There are lots of instances where relationships have failed because a person does not understand the difference between loving and being in love. Loving and being in love are two quite different things. If you want to make sure that your relationships will be more successful in the future, you should learn to distinguish between these two things. Here’s a look into the difference between loving and being in love.

When a person is simply loving and not being in love with their partner, they can be in a bad position in the relationship. This is because simply loving a partner is not being in love; all those things which make your heart race and your mind feel as if you have found your soul mate. Unrequited love is something that is very common in relationships, and it can be very frustrating. What this means is that perhaps you are very in love with your partner, however it seems as though your partner does not feel the same about you. This kind of situation comes in varying degrees. You may feel like you are obsessed about your partner, while your partner may only seem as if he likes you. Another variation on this kind of situation is that perhaps you love your partner but your partner seems very disinterested in you.

Being in love is absolutely essential for a successful relationship. Couples who are happy with each other will not say that they are loving one another, they will say that they are in love. Simply loving someone does not mean that the love is being shared. Being in love means that the love that you have for your partner is being shared in a positive way. Thus, in order for you to be in love your partner needs to have the same level of love you have towards them. Reaching a point of love such as this, often takes months and years of being together. It is a journey that you both go on, together.

It is important to understand that if you feel like you are simply loving your partner and are not in love, that you can easily solve this problem. It is always good to talk about your feelings to your partner. Thus, if they know that you are in love with them completely, they may change their attitude and begin loving you back.